Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction

                GS Zweifel and MH Nantz.  WH Freeman & Co.: New

                York, 2006; ISBN: 0-7167-7266-3 (504 pages).

                     Book review     

                Solutions Manual for Modern Organic Synthesis

                MH Nantz, H Palandoken and GS Zweifel.  WH Freeman &    

                Co.: New York, 2006; ISBN: 0-7167-7494-1 (218 pages).

Michael H. Nantz

Position:  Professor


B.S.  1981, Western Kentucky University

Ph.D.  1987, Purdue University

1987-1989, MIT

Faculty appointments:

1989-2006  UC Davis

2006-          University of Louisville





Problems in Organic Synthesis

H Palandoken, MH Nantz and GS Zweifel.  WH Freeman & Co.: New York, 2010; ISBN: 1-4292-5592-7 (305 pages).

Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

GS Zweifel, MH Nantz and P Somfai  

Wley: New York, 2017; ISBN: 978-1-119-08653-6 (416 pages).